Pasture Raised Hogs

Pasture Raised Hogs
No More Hogs at Forest Hill Farm
We've Pasture Raised Hogs for over 20 years.
Our customers count on quality hogs raised on good organic pastures and processing that compliments these standards.
Ledebuhr Meats was reliable, with exemplary customer service, and products that matched. They have been outstanding in serving our customers for the past 11 years. Dave and Karen Ledebuhr retired.
Ledebuhr Meats has a new owner with a different standard of customer care, product quality, and service. We don't find their protocol acceptable.
It's disheartening to raise healthy animals for 6 - 8 months and take them to a processor without the same level of excellence.
Until we find a different USDA facility that meets our guidelines we will NOT have Pasture Raised Hogs.
Grass-fed Beef, Grass-fed lamb, and poultry are available. The processors we use for these are outstanding in customer care and meat quality, unfortunately they don't process hogs.