Pastured Pigs

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Our pastured pigs are heritage breeds, Gloucestershire Old Spot and Berkshire. During the growing season we plant a variety of cool season plants for early grazing; forage peas, oats, and rape seed. During the summer months the pigs are pastured on clover, alfalfa, and native grasses.  In the fall, they enjoy pumpkins, apples and buckwheat. They're also fed raw milk.  During the winter months our pigs live in hoop houses deeply bedded with straw.  Throughout their gestation our sows have access to pasture.   At farrowing time they're brought inside where they live in deeply bedded group housing. After a couple weeks the sows and their piglets return to the pasture.

Outdoor life:
Pigs, given access to good forage, are able to regulate their own diet. They know just what to consume to naturally balance their health.
Because they have their noses in the dirt at an early age, pasture raised pigs don’t need injections of iron (like pigs in confinement do). Pasture raised pigs obtain all the iron they need from the soil.
Milk fed:
Raw milk is a natural parasitic and internal disinfectant.  It keeps the pigs healthy and supplies protein, vitamins, and minerals.
Forest Hill Farm Pork:
Forget the other white meat, it’s dry, flavorless, and designed to compete with chicken. Pork isn’t chicken! It wasn't never to be.  Our pork is dark meat. Tender and flavorful.

Give it a try!

Our animals are antibiotic and hormone free!

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