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Meat. And Only Meat.

Accurate Meat Labeling

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is proposing a new rule to establish easy-to-understand names for raw meat and poultry products. Most meat bought at the grocery store includes injections, marinades, or other added solutions.  Currently there isn't any way to identify this meat, no such label exists.  Here's an example; a single ingredient chicken (nothing but chicken) and a chicken with added solution are both labeled as “chicken” even though one may be 60 percent chicken and 40 percent solution.  What's in the solution? Who knows, the ingredients aren't disclosed.

T bone
100% Grass fed, Angus, T-bone steak

Forest Hill Farm sells meat.  Nothing added.  Just Meat.

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Are You Only Looking Forward?

I was on my daily walk to the mailbox yesterday when I spotted this calf. He was "stuck" between two trees.  He wasn't in distress, he hadn't been there long. He could only look forward, to where he wanted to go.  If he'd taken a step back he could have freed himself.  However, the herd was in front of him, that's all he could see. He wanted to rejoin the herd, he wanted to go forward.

I have been stuck many times.  Not between trees, but stuck just the same.  It's hard to gain perspective when you can only focus on your wants. Looking ahead is always a promising perspective but you also need to remember where you came from and how you ended up, stuck.

Freeing this calf was easy.  I just walked straight at him and he backed right up.  Once free, he kicked at me, which must be a sign of gratitude. Off he ran.  If getting yourself out of a tight spot was always this easy we'd all take more risks, wouldn't we?


©Glenda Plozay, Forest Hill Farm Products,LLC