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Sheep Quiz

See if you can answer these questions in our sheep quiz...

Q. Other than the farmer's name in the movie Babe, what is a hogget?

A. A hogget is a sheep between one and two years old.  The first shearing of hogget wool is the best wool a sheep will ever produce.

Q. What mineral is toxic to sheep?

A. Copper. Sheep require trace amounts of copper. However, copper is toxic to sheep in larger amounts. Mineral supplements have to be specifically labeled for sheep.

Q.  What does 'flushing' a ewe mean?

A. Flushing a ewe is done 10 days before breeding. She's put into the lushest pasture where she'll graze on legumes (clover and alfalfa). The high quality pasture causes her to release more eggs and increases the chance that she'll have twin or triplet lambs.   

Q.  What is the gestation time for a ewe?

A.  5 months (143-151 days) December breeding brings May lambs. Our ewes are bread in mid-November.

Q. Do Sheep have upper incisors ?

A. No. Sheep have 4 pair of lower incisors, but none in the upper jaw.

Q. What are two distinct differences between domestic and wild sheep?

A. Wild sheep have hair, domestic sheep have wool. Wild sheep, even ewes, have horns. Domestic sheep breeds are virtually hornless.

Q. Who produces the best 100% grass fed lamb, rich in CLA, Lutein, Omega 3, and grazed on certified organic pasture?

A. Forest Hill Farm! Grazed lamb is a healthy choice. Here's a delicious recipe, enjoy!


DSCN1256Take the Bee Quiz and test your knowledge. The bees need our help.

Q. True or false...A queen bee lives for 3 – 5 years, mates only once, but remains fertile for life, and lays up to 2000 eggs per day?

A. True

Q. How many flowers does a single bee visit each day?

A. 150,000

Q. True of false... Honey bees are inactive during the winter?

A. False. Honey bees continue to feed off of stored honey, take care of the queen, and in February the queen begins laying eggs to re-build the hive.

Q. A frame full of honey, inside the hive, has an insulating R value, what is that value?

A. R-19

Q. Will a honey bee die once she stings?

A. The honey bee will die if she's stinging a warm blooded animal. If she's stinging a cold blooded creature she will not loose her venom sac, therefore she'll live to sting again.

This winter I'm taking bee keeping classes. There's so much to learn, honey bees are fascinating. I can't wait for spring to come - It's only 36 days away! Please be kind to the bees when selecting garden seeds. Make sure they're bee friendly.