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Food Recalls go High Tech and UCS Gives Monsanto an ‘F’

Food recalls go high tech

Linguists have discovered a new language spoken by a remote tribe in India that’s understood by only 1,000 people.
It’s called “tech support”

If you have a Twitter account the USDA now has state specific food safety alerts for meat, poultry and processed egg products. These alerts are available through Twitter. The alerts can be followed by listing your state’s two letter designation followed by underscore then FSISALERT. Iowa, for example, is IA_FSISALERT
As an aside; Does it seem that there are far more food safety alerts since large meat processors have put smaller processors out of business and factory farms have become the norm?  Just some food for thought.


Union of Concerned Scientists

The Union of concerned scientists (UCS) has given Monsanto Company an ‘F’ in sustainable agriculture. Sustainable agriculture systems supply food, protect the environment, and protect farmers. The UCS says Monsanto fails all three.

It’s my belief that genetically engineered crops, antibiotics in animal feeds, and chemical herbicides can take horrendous farmers, bad producers, and inadequate land stewards and make them profitable. All the while the environment, animals, and consumers suffer the consequences.

Genetic engineering's doing the most harm, in my opinion.  Cross contamination from Genetically engineered crops continuously infect non-genetically engineered species. Where will it end? Are any crops safe from genetic contamination?

Two other objections are Monsanto’s suppression of independent research of its products. This means that policy makers can’t make informed decisions because there aren’t adequate independent studies to objectively research the effects of GMO’s and herbicides. Also, the amount of money spent lobbying and advertising these products skews the opinion of those on the receiving end of the money trail.
For more information check out the Union of Concerned Scientists web site


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