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Grass Fed Beef – it’s the dieter’s choice

Grass Fed Beef - it's the dieter's choice
Grass fed, Angus, T-bone steak

Grass Fed Beef - it's the dieter's choice

A diet of grass based meat works as well as a popular diet program without having to buy packaged meals, attend meetings, or calculate points. Grass fed products are leaner than grain fed products, they also have fewer calories. Grass Fed Beef - it's the dieter's choice

The typical amount of beef eaten in the U.S. annually is 67 pounds. Changing from grain fed to grass fed beef will save you 16,642 calories per year. A six-ounce beef loin from a grass-fed steer may have 92 fewer calories than a six-ounce loin from a grain-fed steer. Source: Pasture Perfect by Jo Robinson

A lesson from Jim:

Jim was in trouble. His wife's car was in terrible shape. She drove her friends to weight management class every Wednesday, she was tired of breaking down. Her car had high mileage, bald tires, rust around the fenders. She'd been hinting for months that she wanted a new car for Christmas. Instead, Jim had been shopping for a bass boat. His wife was really angry.

She gave him a lecture on thoughtfulness and generosity, “To make up for your thoughtlessness, before the end of the day tomorrow, I expect to find a gift in this driveway that goes from 0 to 200 in six seconds AND IT BETTER BE HERE!

The next morning Jim got up early for work. When his wife got up she found a note on the bathroom mirror that said, “Look in the driveway”.

She looked out and saw a wrapped box, much too small for a car, maybe it had some keys inside. She ran out to the driveway confident that Jim had finally come through.

When she un-wrapped the box she found a bathroom scale with a note that said, '0 to 200 in less than 6 seconds. Enjoy!'

She thanked him when he got home, he's still walking with a limp. Jim could have saved himself by getting his wife a newer car and a grass fed steer. She could have lost 9 1/2 pounds just by changing the diet of the beef she eats. 9 1/2 pounds - that's more than the average person looses on a structured weight loss program.



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