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Hobo and The Piglets

Every afternoon the piglets sneak up to harass Hobo. Their electric fence is set higher because the tall grass shorts out the fence.  Consequently, the piglets can scoot under without getting a shock. In a couple of weeks they’ll be big enough that it will stop them. But for now, they’re regular visitors to the garden and Hobo’s napping spot.

Hobo's been a frequent visitor at our house over the past few years. In February it became official, we adopted him. Our neighbors placed an ad in the paper, “Free to good home. 12 year old farm dog." Not too many  people are looking for an older dog. He's a gentle, affectionate, ancient chocolate lab who gets along with everyone.  In all these years Hobo has never been to the vet’s office, had a vaccination, or an exam of any kind, for that matter. We always assumed that because of his age he was arthritic (he's also obese). On our daily walks he has to rest every few yards. The vet ran a quick blood test. Hobo has Lyme Disease. Now, after completing his first course of antibiotics, he’s moving much better. He’s relatively fast for a fat old dog.  You should see how high he can  jump, especially when he's goosed by a piglet.

2 thoughts on “Hobo and The Piglets

  1. ambre

    So funny! Thanks for sharing the pictures! So glad to hear he's responding well to the Lyme's treatment. Poor guy...

    1. glenda

      Thanks, Ambre. He's a pretty tough old dog. I actually saw him run today. Granted it was only a few feet but it was still running.


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