100% Grass Fed Beef

Sold Out for 2021 

The grass - fed beef is in the news again. One of the latest revelations, which grass-based livestock producers have known for years, is that Grass-fed cattle are NOT consuming foods that could otherwise feed people.

Here's a quote from Diana Rogers, a registered dietitian who runs the Sustainable Dish Blog,

Grass-fed cattle are a net protein gain for our food system.

In grass-fed cattle, 100 percent of their food is not competing with humans for food.

Protein is the most satiating macro-nutrient; meat is the most nutrient dense food, which means that it has the most vitamins and minerals per calorie of any food there is.”

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Here's the Yield For A Grass-fed Quarter Steer:

Typically a quarter steer will yield enough meat to feed a family of 4 (eating beef once a week) for 1 year. If you eat beef more than once a week consider getting a half steer.

Tenderloin Filets - 2 per quarter
Porterhouse Steak - 2 per quarter
T-Bone Steak - 3-4 per quarter
Top Sirloin Steak- 4-5 per quarter
Ribeye Steak - 5-6 per quarter
Sirloin Tip Steak - 4-6 per quarter
Sirloin Tip Roast - 1 per quarter
Tri-Tip Roast or Flank Steak (1/2 or whole beef orders)
Short Ribs (Korean Style, BBQ, or Braising Style - Braising is standard
Blade Chuck Roast - 4-5 per quarter
Eye of Round Roast - 1 per quarter
Round Steak - 6-8 per quarter
Round Rump Roast - 6-8 per quarter
Arm Chuck Roast Roast - 2 per quarter
Ground Beef - approx. 50 pounds per quarter
Bones for bone broth, soup or treat your dogs to something special

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100% Grass fed Angus beef, raised on certified organic pasture, dry aged to perfection is the healthy choice.

At Forest Hill Farm we raise purebred Red Angus cattle.  Angus is the gold standard of beef.  Our cattle are raised and  MIG grazed on certified organic pastures. An added benefit - our beef is dry-aged, it's tender and full of rich flavor.

MIG grazing  improves the soil, sequesters nitrogen, and adds to the microbial activity of pastures and prevents the desertification of land.

Organic 100% Grass Fed Angus BeefForest Hill Farm's Red Angus beef. Dry aged, and 100% Grass Fed on organic pastures

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