About Us

About us -

Welcome! Forest Hill Farm sells certified organic, grass-fed beef and lamb along with pastured pigs and poultry. This is a brief glimpse into who we are. Since 1991 we've been farming. At first on a very small scale with just three acres. Three acres was a great start for two people who had never experienced farm life before. Keith was raised in the city and I grew up in the suburbs. The first thing we did was plant a garden, a few fruit trees, and build some fencing. The next step was starting a family. A couple years later we bought another ten acres and grew slowly into an 85 acre farm. A flock of laying hens was the gateway into raising more livestock. Pastured pigs was a natural next step. Our boys enjoyed visiting a nearby farm where they picked out and bought the runts. These runts grew fast and didn't stay small for long. The farmer who had these pigs kept his sows in pastures, which he rotated regularly. His pigs were friendly and curious. Researching the “old fashioned” system of pasture pig rearing we learned that raw dairy is a natural parasitic for pigs, a great source of amino acids and protein. Adding a few dairy goats was the next step. When the number of pigs increased, with heritage bred sows grazing the pastures, a few dairy cows replaced the dairy goats to provide fresh milk. Along the way our neighbor, who breeds beautiful Red Angus, sold us a few bred heifers along with some cows. Over the years we've bought bulls, more heifers and cows from him to increase our herd. This past summer two hives of bees have been busy pollinating the pastures, garden and fruit trees. Bees are a little scary, but we're committed to increasing their numbers. With so many threats against them we feel it's necessary to give them every chance to survive. We've had a blast homeschooling our two boys. There have been a few setbacks, many successes and wonderful friends along our journey, We wouldn't trade this life for anything because, for us, there isn't anything better!