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Natural Homemade Herbicide

The garden's just getting started. The broccoli, cabbage, spinach, and peas are planted. We're getting a late start this year, but there's still time. The weeds always seem to have a better start than the desirable plants.  Here's a recipe to eradicate the weeds. This is a very effective contact herbicide.It's a great alternative to glyphosate and it's not dangerous to pollinators.

It will kill any plant on contact, both good and bad, so use caution.  I use a  sponge  soap dispenser ,  when Ineed to get the weeds that are surrounded by flowers and vegetables.

Natural Homemade Herbicide Recipe:

Mix well, apply with sprayer or dish sponge  soap dispenser  Use caution; wear gloves and eye protection. 20% vinegar can cause burns on contact. Apply in dry, warm weather. A second application, within a few days of the first, may be needed for some weeds. Poison Ivy, brush, and vines will require more than one application.

Don't forget, it's almost time to put out the Bug JugsThese Insect traps for fruit trees are terrific!

Apply this carefully when the pollinators are around. Although this is a bee friendly herbicide you'll still need to use caution.

Natural News had an article about the possible connection between glyphosate and infertility. This recipe is a great alternative to Roundup.

Homemade Herbicide