World Cancer Day

Acure for World Cancer DayIs there a cure for World Cancer Day?

If the consequences of herbicides were taken seriously, we wouldn't need a day to remind us of how fragile life is.

Unfortunately  the disease is so prevalent that there’s a day designated to cancer awareness. But It’s important to share valuable information about prevention and treatments, and eliminate falsehoods.

Cancer isn’t about one day of awareness. If we took the following days more seriously, we might find a cure for World Cancer Day:


If the impact of herbicides, pesticides, toxins and GMO’s were evaluated, and the consequences of them were taken seriously, we wouldn't need an endless list of other designated days to commemorate healing ourselves or the environment.

World Cancer Day is about awareness. Gaining knowledge about treatment options and spending every day praying, struggling and working to save lives.

It’s about celebrating survivors, mourning the lost, and supporting loved ones.

I hope there’s a day, in the not so distant future, when cancer is eradicated and every day becomes designated, World Free of Cancer Day.